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Bullet on an Emmrod
This season Zebco introduced their latest attempt at a premium spin cast offering.  Over the years they have introduced various reels attempting to attain bait casting reel quality in an easy to use spin cast version.  This time around we have a USA designed reel made in China ( which is fine if the quality is there ) and it seems they have a winner here.  Based on 10lb mono line you have an over 12 ounce reel built like a tank.  Solid aluminum frame and body with a much higher retrieve ratio than the standard 3.3 we had for years.  This reel brings the line in a more of a 5.1 ratio.  Casting is smooth and the line handling system does a much better job keeping it kink free and with less tangling issues than prior models.  For an angler looking to up grade this just under 100 dollar offering is a decent choice, it also comes with a spare spool of the same 10 Cajun line the reel is set up with.  I really liked it on the Emmrod Packrod handle, it was a blast to fish.  For an older kid this is a nice choice and a reel they can learn to maintain then grow into an well rounded angler.  For the serious angler it’s worth revisiting the simpler days of trouble free spin cast fishing.