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Survival Pole - Emmrod and Mul 10
I got this question from a few folks who saw my Emmrod at Rockbridge.  “Is that a survival pole”?  Well in manner of speaking yes it is and frankly one of the best ever.  It breaks down is easy carry holds up far better than conventional rods and in many cases out fishes them.  I look at them as primary fishing tackle but the fact is for survival use they are primo.  Used with the spin bobber as I was doing you’ve got a rig that can handle anything from stream trout to musky in freshwater and sea trout to big reds in the salt.  The MuL 10 reel is saltwater rated and a piece of cake to service.  A combo with the Emmrod Packer and MuL 10 is about as trouble free as it gets.  For all my expensive reels it’s still loads of fun to rig up a MuL 10 and just have fun.  I’ll have to into the survival aspect a bit more.  Seems there are load of folks interested in that type of thing and there is no better fishing pole or reel combo for the job than these two.  Contact me and I’ll set you up with the best survival fishing rig ever.