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Emmrod vs Musky
We got an action piece shot with the Replay XD1080P camera on Lake of the Woods.  The rod was my version of the Emmrod Combat Rod which I believe is the baddest thing out there for big fish.  The rig consists of a casting Packrod handle with a 4 coil Combat Rod tip.   I like high quality powerful reels and the Shimano Curado 300 on this pole is just that.  The line in this case is 20lb Momoi High Catch mono which has proven itself year after year.  The leader is a short section of 20lb fluorocarbon tied into the main line with a 4 turn surgeons knot.  The lure is a Slayer harness tipped with a 1/8 inch ID tube section to form a loop then it is attached to the leader with a canoeman’s loop.  The jig head is Mission Fishin 1/2 ounce tipped with a Redfish Magic paddle tail.