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The Littlest Emmrod

Sometimes a company creates a new product that is bigger, stronger, and faster than the ones before it.  Case in point the new W500 is a larger more sophisticated version of the W kayak.  In other cases the improved product is smaller than ones that came before but still offers strength and power of it’s older siblings.  Such is the new Emmrod spinning rod a shorter handled version of their Kayak King model.  As much as I love to fish out of the W there are times that a fishing trip is not the main reason for a day on the water.  Such a day was a complete surprise to me but my wife did insist that such days really do exist.  Those days of just paddling and exploration are fun, but just in case there should be a fishing rod or two along for the ride.  In the past that has always meant some type of multi piece pack rod in three or four sections.  Handy as they might be they are delicate and there is always the risk of misplacing a segment.  Beside the fact that assembling such a rod on the water runs the risk of something being lost or broken.  Emmrods were always very easy to stow and keep on board but when this new model came out it is just about ideal for a getaway type rod.  You can actually leave the entire outfit completely assembled and it still fits out of the way until you need it.

On a conventional rod longer handles help you control and out muscle a fish.  With the Emmrod the spring section does much of the fighting for you allowing the handle to be shorter and far more maneuverable.  So with this tiny little rod you have the fighting power of a much larger pole.  Using the riding position power casting ability only the W has you’ve got a tiny little fishing rod will allow the angler to pursue most species of fish successfully.  All the tackle you would need for a day on the water can now fit in a small convenient case that can be slipped into any of the hull spaces in the W.  The Emmrod design allows even a small pole such as this one to be adaptable to many more species of fish than a similar conventional design.  If you combine the rod with a reel having an excellent drag cartridge and robust  design now you’ve got a rig for panfish all the way redfish.  Examples of such reels would be the Daiwa 1300SS Tournament or a 2500 Shimano Saros.

I’m always looking for gear and equipment that complement one another.  Here once again is a piece of gear that fits very well with the Wavewalk kayak.  In some situations using the Emmrod from a Wavewalk would allow the angler to target fish no other fishing system could hope to reach.  The tight narrow inshore creeks here in Florida or  lighted docks after dark are just two examples of such places.  The tangles lines or the broken rod tips of a back cast are pretty much eliminated.  Worry about catching rods stored in rod tubes on limbs, low bridges or dock structures is also not a concern.   I consider the W to be the four wheeler of fishing kayaks.  It can go places other kayaks fear to tread.  The Littlest Emmrod is the perfect accessory for a kayak like that.